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Welcome to Children’s Church Online!

Have your children watch the videos below and memorize the verse that goes along with the video. If your children have any prayer requests, questions, concerns or want to talk to a children’s ministry teacher, please contact tynisha@christianfaith.center with your phone number and child’s name. This page will be updated weekly with new lessons.

May 24, 2020

We miss all of you here at CFC and looking forward to being with you in person again! Don’t forget to keep a prayer journal!

Pre-K – 1st Grade Video: Dreams Come True

Memory verse: Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity. (1 Timothy 4:12 NLT)

After your child watches the video, ask them: How can I be a good example?

2nd Grade – 6th Grade Video: True Worship

Memory verse: But the time is coming–indeed it’s here now–when true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. The Father is looking for those who will worship him that way. (John 4:23 NLT)

After your child watches the video, ask them the following questions:

1) What do you think “worship God” means?

2) Name some reasons you think God deserves our worship